About The Authors

James A. Doilney, PhD

Jim is one of the fittest seniors you’ll ever meet.  He’s also a PhD in Economics, a former university professor, builder of innovative LEED-certified communities, successful retailer, sometimes visionary entrepreneur, and a persistent off-path explorer of remote places and ideas. He has lived, played, and worked in the resort town of Park City, Utah, for nearly 50 years, where he continues his quest for answers to prostate cancer. Beyond this book, he also established the Riding The Scalpel Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Long before he became an adventure traveler and medical renegade, Jim was thinking big ideas. As early as 1972, he  published an award-winning article about the catastrophic effects of unbridled capitalism on climate change. His 1974 dissertation while sponsored by the National Science Foundation was a precursor for today’s conversations about intergenerational equity and the legacies we will leave for our children. And somewhere along the way, he found time to design and build a million-dollar sun calendar—one of the few in the world—you can still see in Park City today.

Rick Barrow

Rick spent fifty years of his life creating award-winning advertising so he could afford to play polo. A former journalist, political campaign consultant and White House speechwriter, he has known Jim since they were beach town cooks in their college days.  Today he is a highly-sought marketing consultant and writer, and after years of working in New York and Washington, he now divides his time between Miami and his bed & breakfast enclave in the coastal town of Wilmington, N.C. While working on the research and writing of this book with Jim, he helped establish the Riding The Scalpel Foundation and continues to help promote its goals.