The incredible 20 year saga

of a globe-trotting adventure traveler

who rode for his life.

“A 73 year-old who climbs mountains, runs marathons, skis black diamonds and bikes across Cuba makes you wonder what he was doing 20 years ago. Now we know… he wrote the book.”

Charlie SturgisPast Director, Mountain Trails Foundation

“If you want to learn about traveling in remote places, listen to a guy who’s been there. If you want to know about beating prostate cancer, listen to a guy who did it. Or you can just pick up this amazing journal. It’s all in here.”

Steve DeringFounder, Elite Alliance

“There was a time only a handful of guys in the world had climbed up an active volcano—and skied down it. One of those guys did that kind of stuff all the time—the guy who wrote these stories.”

Max DoilneyAuthor’s son & travel sidekick